Virtual Terminal serves a dual function:
It is a complete online administration facility to all VCS users and it provides a method of processing credit card transactions online and monitor transaction activity.

  • Virtual Terminal can be used as a real-time credit card processing facility by merchants who do not have their own websites but have internet access e.g.: small call centers, infrequent sales or low-volume merchants. It can be used as a “stand alone” facility for MOTO merchants.
  • Virtual Terminal requires no software integration and facilitates the processing of credit card transactions, via a secure encrypted session, from any internet-linked PC regardless of the merchant’s location.
  • As a back office facility for websites the merchant has no access to the credit card details submitted from his site.

The transaction administration facilities include:

  • Transaction search and reporting capabilities
  • Voice authorisation facility
  • Retry option for all declined transactions
  • Refund ability for all approved transactions
  • Receipt options: Print or e-mail the receipt
  • Recurring and on demand transaction management
  • Customer invoice e-mails
  • Security alerts configuration
  • Batch import facility to upload bulk authorisation files
  • User administration:
    • A terminal may have many users. The supervisor will be able to identify and manage the different users by allocating a user name, security access level and password to each terminal user.
    • Multiple terminal access, a user can have access to more than one terminal using the same user name and password for different terminals.

Virtual Terminal provides a batch import facility to upload bulk authorisation files. The merchant imports the bulk authorisation file. Once the file has been uploaded VCS requests online authorisation from the bank and dispatches the reports to the merchant. Declined transactions can automatically be retried / re-submitted for authorisation at a set interval.

Recurring and on demand transactions
The VCS recurring and on demand facility enables the merchant to debit a customer’s credit card on “set intervals” i.e. monthly.

  • VCS will automatically process recurring transactions when they are due without further merchant intervention. The merchant manages his recurring facility online via Virtual Terminal.
  • The on demand function enables the merchant to store card details in the recurring system without VCS generating automated recurring transactions. The merchant must request an on demand authorisation, the VCS system will then retrieve the cardholder’s details for the authorisation request.