Virtual Online enables websites to process credit card payments securely and in real-time 24 hours a day. Virtual Online provides security to the cardholder and to the merchant.
The preferred method of interfacing with Virtual Online is to interface with the generic VCS secure credit card authorisation page – “ccForm”. The merchant’s website does not have to be secure and can be hosted anywhere.


The transaction flow on a website that uses the VCS page will be as following:

  • The web developer is required to place a “Credit Card Payment” option button on the merchant’s checkout page that diverts the cardholder’s browser to VCS, where the cardholder submits his card details.
  • If the merchant is 3D enabled the cardholder has to authenticate himself before the authorization process continues.
  • VCS will then return the cardholder to the merchant’s website with the authorisation response.
  • In addition to the normal response to the merchant’s response pages, VCS can also call the merchant’s call-back page with the same authorisation response parameters in a non-browser dependant way.

The VCS host-to-host authorisation service is only available to merchants with secure websites. The merchant captures the credit card details on his own secure page and passes the credit card details to VCS for real-time authorisation. Using the host to host service gives the merchant access to credit card data and therefore the merchant has to comply with the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard and with the Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code systems.
Virtual Online is capable of processing recurring and on-demand authorisations, i.e. subscriptions. This enables the merchant to debit a customer’s credit card on “set intervals” i.e. monthly.