Virtual Card Services has extended its service offering to include debit orders to be collected from, and payments to be made to current, cheque and/or savings accounts. This is achieved by presenting the transactions to the Automated Clearing Bureau(ACB) or directly to your bank, on your behalf. 

The submission and processing of transactions is enabled via ‘Virtual Terminal’. You capture either a single debit/credit or a recurring debit/credit. These are then presented to the ACB or your bank for further processing. 

In order to use the service you must become a registered ACB user or have access to services provided by your bank. To do this, contact your own bank branch and apply. Stipulate that you want to present the transactions directly to the ACB yourself via magtape or directly into your banks system. 

Complete the ‘ACB – Electronic Funds Transfer Services – User Installation/Application’ form which is available from your branch. Once the ACB, via your branch, has approved your application and allocated you a User code, notify us of this User Code and we will create the necessary test magtape files and submit them to the ACB on your behalf.

After this process has been completed you can submit ‘live’ transactions. Virtual card Services will create the magtapes and physically present them to the ACB or your banks system.