Dear Valued Merchant,

VCS is on the verge of updating the current payment page and introducing CSS (Custom Style Sheets) to achieve the same ‘look & feel’ as the merchants’ website.
The CSS implementation will be rolled out in two phases:

  1. Merchant will be able to customize the CSS of their payment pages in Virtual Terminal.
    VT implementation date: Friday 17 April 2015.
  2. Apply the customization code changes to the Production payment pages.Implementation date: Thursday 7 May 2015.


Here is an example of what a merchant’s payment page currently looks like:


This is what the same merchant’s default payment page will look like if no VT customization has been done by 7 May.


This is an example of what a Customized payment page can look like if VT customization has been done (7 May and after)


If no customization has been done by the merchant by 07 May, the default payment page will be displayed. However, merchants will still be able to change their CSS any time after 7 May.

Your Virtual Terminal instruction guide will be updated to include this information.
If you have not received an updated version of Virtual Terminal please let us have your email address and we will send one to you.

VT Merchant Email

Should you require assistance:

Zanoni Spies
Cell: 071 330 7850

Daphne Chauke
Cell: 082 561 7614

Ashley Smith
Cell: 071 282 9457